December 19th, 2011

At the end of the year it’s time to look back at what you have achieved. In my case: a continuous feed of minimal 2 spots a day (sometimes 3). I’ve reached a total of 1000 posts. And, most important, I hope that I inspired you, my dear reader, to go out there and travel the world! 

Because I love making lists: here’s my Top 25 of 2011. Places I’ve visited and got my heart pounding a little bit faster :)

1. Best date. Everyone is asking me the same question day in and day out: are you making money out of Petite Passport? Not yet, is my answer (hope to turn that around in 2012) but I received something way more important by blogging my way through hotspots: the greatest man alive! And it all started with a date at Mazzo, April 2.

2. Best hotel. Witt Suites Istanbul. I went there for a report for Dutch Marie Claire (not yet published) and got upgraded to the terrace suite with the most beautiful view ever from a hotel room (see photo).

3. Best (new) restaurant. Keuken/Deli in Utrecht

4. Best (new) fashion shop where I want to buy everything: Another Labels Amsterdam

5. Best b&b to take your kids: RueDarwin17 Bruxelles

6. Best orange juice: Coutume Café Paris

7. Best airline magazine: Scanorama 

8. Best airline: Vueling. A yellow airplane: if you aren’t happy to fly away to another country, the color therapy does the work for you.

9. Best interior store: Espoo Antwerp 

10. Best detail in a hotel: masks as bedlamps in Mamashelter Paris 

11. Best bar: Bobby Gin Barcelona

12. Best place to take your lover for a romantic dinner: Lion Noir Amsterdam 

13. Best breakfast: Oliv Café Berlin 

14. Best toilet: Mordisco Barcelona 

15. Best chiringuito: Gallito Barcelona

16. Best candy store: Cox, cookies & cake London

17. Best honeymoon hotel: Giri Residence Ibiza 

18. Best shoes I bought: Toms at Lizard Lounge Portland 

19. Best business card: Table no. 1 Shanghai  (visited by contributor Rik)

20. Best opening in my home town: Pierre

21. Best bath for lovers in a hotel: Sala Samui Koh Samui  (visited by contributor Babs)

22. Best spaghetti: Jamie’s Italian London 

23. Best sea food restaurant: Pez Vela Barcelona

24. Best destination for a shopping spree: Stockholm 

25. Best magazine store: Paper Cut Stockholm 

See you next year! xoxo

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2 Responses to “BEST OF 2011 IN DESIGN, HOTSPOTS & TRAVEL”

  1. Debby says:

    Hi Pauline,

    Very nice list :) My friend and I are staying at the Witt in May. It’s our first time in Istanbul so if you have any great tips & ‘off the beaten track’ must-sees, we’d appreciate receiving them!


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