July 16th, 2012

Most striking feature:

A jeu de boules course with a view. It’s not that we were up for a game (we just drove 9 hours from the Netherlands to Lyon), but it’s certainly a nice extra. I’ve only drove to Paris and Wissant in France, but this time my goal was Barcelona. It’s impossible to drive the whole 14 hours straight to the South so we had to stop somewhere along the Route du Soleil. I’ve collected L’Ermitage College Hotel to my archive full of spots a few years ago and now we finally could go there – and I didn’t regret it at all. It’s not directly in the center of Lyon, but it lays on a hill surrounding the city. So you have to drive your car via winding roads up the hill. You will immediately notice the view when leaving your car. It’s breathtaking. From the restaurant, the terrace, some rooms, the swimming pool and the jeu de boules course you can see Lyon laying underneath you. 

The room was perfect. We didn’t have a view (but we also stayed in one of the cheapest rooms: hey, it’s only a short sleeping stop) but the room was spacious: we could easily bring another person because of the extra bed. There were a few nice extra’s. Like the text on the door – il y a peu de temps – every room has it own saying with the word temps in it. There’s a cool do not disturb sign which says ‘chut!’. The duvets and pillows are thick and warm. And the bathroom is very spacious as well – but didn’t have a shower curtain, so the whole bathroom is wet when you’ve taken a shower.

Definitely a good stop when you’re driving to the South of Europe. Or when you’re planning a dinner at Paul Bocuse’s restaurant: it’s close by. We’ve payed 145 euro a night.

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  1. argone says:

    I only know the restaurant, which is one of my favourites around Lyons. Thank you for your input on the hotel !

    • petitepassport says:

      You’re welcome! I can imagine it’s one of your favourites: the view is extraordinary! Thanks for your comment!

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