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Some of the lamps are made from old books and recently I learned that they are made from old Dutch Bosatlassen (thanks Gerdien). Probably I wasn’t paying that much attention to it, stupid me. I love the atmosphere: open all day from breakfast to drinks. Perfect for people who aren’t used to the Spanish lunch and dinner times. Compared to Bar Lobo, the hit restaurant in Barcelona from the same company, you don’t spot as much tourists in here. Maybe because it’s not really located in a touristy area, but in a quiet street in Salamanca, the posh neighbourhood. I’ve only ordered a Coca-Cola in here, because I was in a hurry to visit Luzi Bombon. Bar Tomate is also a perfect place to be on your own with magazines.

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My Madrid trip was sponsored by Transavia and (Spaans Verkeersbureau). 

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