November 23rd, 2012

I’m so excited! I’m the proud owner of a brand new Canon EOS M and I can’t wait to take this black beauty to London next week. Yesterday I learned a lot about the smallest Single Lens Reflex camera Canon has ever made during a Masterclass. And while photographing with it, it was love at first sight.

3 reasons to get just as excited as I am:

Love at first sight usually starts with seeing each other and this small camera really caught my eye. And I wasn’t the only one. When I took some photographs in the lobby of the Andaz Hotel, the location of the Masterclass, it felt like I was carrying a newborn baby. Everyone wanted to see and try the Canon EOS M.

– The weight. Ofcourse I want to upgrade the photographs on my blog with the power of an EOS camera (all the photos on Petite Passport are captured with a Canon Digital Ixus), but the weight was quite an issue for me. If you visit 70 spots in a mid-week New York going from Williamsburg to Wall Street and from Dumbo to Nolita on a bike, a heavy weight camera isn’t an option. And the EOS M combines the two key ingredients for me: high quality images in a petite package. 

The quality of the images. What I loved about the Masterclass was learning how to play with the light. What do you do when you’re in a dark lighted place like a bar? The EOS M has the answer: pretty good technical stuff inside. So you can press the green button on top so he can find it himself or you can play with the settings and do it yourself. Another thing I learned was how to bring the spotlight to just one item (like the owl lamp in one of the pictures below) and let the background blur. And this morning I’ve learned about the Creative Filter. A sort of Instagram option so you can make raw black and white images or use the fish bowl effect. Ofcourse there’s so much more possible and you can imagine how excited I am to figure that out this weekend.

Conclusion: the perfect camera for those on the road (on a citytrip or holiday and it’s easy to fit in your luggage) who want to make pretty darn good pictures without carrying the extra weight of a normal Single Lens Reflex camera.

Yesterday I’ve played around with the Canon EOS M at the newly opened Andaz Hotel. See my pictures below. But ofcourse I can’t wait to capture all those fantastic restaurants, shops and hotels in London next weekend with my newly named black beauty. To be continued…

Best wishes, xoxo Pauline

More information about the Canon EOS M? Check out:


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