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Although I’ve been to the Michelberger a few years ago (see my profile picture) I didn’t see the rooms by then. So I decided to stay at the Michelberger this time. By entering the hotel you already get a smile on your face because of the colorful Honolulu entrance. Later I was told that the owners really love Hawai so that’s why you see some Honolulu references. The lobby is a great place to hang out. You can relax on their couches or sit in the bar. I love all those funny objects. Like a monkey at the check-in space or the old cuckoo clocks telling you the time in York, Tokio and Visselhoveden (of all places). My room was a cosy room – the smallest room in the hotel. It was small, but still very convenient. There was a bed, you had a small bench where you could sit on and there was a bathroom. Later I got a tour of the rest of the hotel and saw the suites (Das Golden One was completely in gold with a bath and Das Chalet in chalet-style). The hotel also have rooms in the same style as mine but then slightly bigger. You can even stay there with a group. Then you will sleep upstairs and have a seating area and bathroom downstairs. The cool budget option in Berlin (rates starting at 60 euro per night).

Check out: www.michelbergerhotel.com












My trip was sponsored by easyjet and Visit Berlin.

easyjet flies several times a week from Amsterdam Schiphol to Berlin, check their website for the best tickets. 

Copyright pictures: www.petitepassport.com – made with my Canon EOS M

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