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The suite on the top floor. You will sleep under the wooden roof, under a beautiful plaid and with a view of an authentic bath. Rosa et Al opened the doors in August last year and is one of Porto’s small and intimate guesthouses. Just like Casa do Conto it’s a bit hard to find. You see a bright and shiny white door with ‘Rosa et Al’ on it and when you enter you’re directly in the lobby. A great place with books and olive oil and wine they produce themselves. Walking further to the back of the house you will find their restaurant (so it’s also open for lunch or dinner if you don’t stay here). What caught my eye was a huge selection of tea. So if you love drinking tea, this is definitely the place to be. That’s something you can also do outside because they have a huge garden as well. Then the rooms. The owner was so kind to show me two of them. One huge room with vintage interior pieces and a huge bathroom and the one upstairs. The more romantic one. Art plays a role in this guesthouse as well. When you  walk through the beautiful staircase (where a couple also got married recently) you see work of photographer Luiz Ferraz. And on the top of the staircase is a dome where a local artist is writing a sentence of a poem every week until it’s completely full and then he will recite his poem during a small party.

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My trip was sponsored by Transavia.

Transavia flies several times a week from Amsterdam Schiphol to Porto and Lisbon, check their website for the best tickets. 

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