August 31st, 2013


This week I’m gonna take a Blog Free Week. A week where I don’t use my laptop and my smart phone, to be completely unplugged. I’ll have to admit I’m very, very attached to my devices. And I’m in a profession I can’t be without a wifi signal. I love to post pictures on Instagram to take you with me on a trip, write blog posts on WordPress, chat via Whatsapp with my friends and family to keep them updated and promote my posts on Facebook. I start the day with my phone and I end it with it. And by seeing this film I’m very well aware of how life passes you by if you only have eyes for your smartphone. Especially when you’re on vacation. So this week I’m off. Leaving my mobile devices at home and fully enjoy dinner with my boyfriend, reading books and magazines on the beach and doing some yoga. And, ofcourse, write down some ideas popping up for work to investigate later. Enjoy the posts on Petite Passport! And I will see you on September 12th.

x Pauline

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One Response to “A BLOG FREE WEEK”

  1. Katie says:

    Totally respect that! Hope it was a great week!

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