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Their meatballs ofcourse. Balls & Glory began their mission of introducing the finest meatballs to the Belgium public in Ghent a few years ago (and after that in Brugge). When I was there last year there was a line of people waiting to get in. That shows how popular they are. Wim Ballieu (what’s in a name?) is the owner and recently won a Golden Palm for most innovative restaurant concept with Balls & Glory. There wasn’t a lot of time to celebrate because he had to work on the opening in Antwerp. The newest Balls & Glory is located at the Markt in Felix Pakhuis. A beautiful location on ‘t Eilandje, close to the MAS. Long tables with grapes, bottles of waters on it and when you look at the menu you see that ‘a meatball a day, keeps the doctor away’. That’s something we have to listen to right? Have fun trying the meatballs!

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  • Jess-On-Thames

    30.12.2013 at 04:35 Reply

    This looks amazing! Great recommendation – will add it to the list next time I am in Belgium.

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