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Maybe you’ve already heard about Mikkeller? Earlier I wrote about Mikkeller in Copenhagen (read my review of Mikkeller in Vesterbro here and the review of their cafe in Norrebro here). The city where this microbrewery comes from is now rapidly conquering the world. With their latest addition a bar in Stockholm. A little introduction: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is the owner and founder of Mikkeller and was a teacher before he started experimenting with beer. Not widespread, but rather small. With special flavors in the lead. He opened Mikkeller Vesterbro in 2010 and did some collaborations with other breweries. When I entered Mikkeller & Friends in Norrebro last year I saw that result in a large cupboard: many flavors in bottles that you immediately want to start collecting because the design of the bottles is so fantastic cool. Ofcourse I can tell you that their beers are good, but I think you rather listens to someone like Rene Redzepi, chef of NOMA in Copenhagen. He loves the brand. Mikkeller Stockholm is now open for a few weeks and is just like the other bars not in the center of the city but still within walking distance of the Miss Clara Hotel for example. There is a small terrace and the interior looks great again with beautiful illustrations on the wall and the ability to drink your daily beer in a modern designed cave. Funny!


Check out: www.mikkeller.dk 

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