The Urban Deli in the Sodermalm neighborhood is a hit. An organic supermarket with next to it a cozy café with a terrace for sunny days. New is the Urban Deli in the Sickla district. It seems to be a bit out of town but with the train from Sussen you’re there in less than ten minutes. Sickla is an area where many people with a good job and young children live. And therefor they’ve chosen to live slightly out of the city And then there should be shops ofcourse. There’s a H&M, but also some small independent shops and larger interior stores. And then there is Sickla Urban Deli. Similar to the one in Sodermalm, but with a larger market where they sell everything. From bread to meat and chips to even umbrellas. Especially recommended for foodies, but also for anyone who wants to fill their cupboards with beautifully designed products. Through the market you easily walk through to the café (also bigger than the one in Sodermalm). When I was there, there was a full breakfast at the bar. But you can also come in during lunch or for a dinner. Soon the will open a new Urban Deli in the Mood Gallery, a nice shopping center where you will also find Boqueria, among others.


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  • Empty Rucksack

    18.06.2014 at 18:21 Reply

    This place looks great, Stockholm seems to havr lots of great options despite not being so high on the travelers’ lists

  • Gitte

    18.06.2014 at 19:00 Reply

    I love the chairs, where are they from?

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