You know I really like to show you the most fabulous restaurants in the world first hand and this time we visit the brand new (on Thursday April 23rd they will open the doors) Citroen Amsterdam. Let’s go!


Niels Wouters is one of the founders of Hotel de Goudfazant and he is an expert in turning industrial properties into cool restaurants on not that obvious locations (2006: ‘A restaurant in Amsterdam-Noord? Are you kidding me?’ 2015: Hotel de Goudfazant is full every night and I bet you’ve been there once or twice. If not: go!). Okay. He visited dozens of these locations in the last couple of years because people wanted his view on the potential of a building. And he was fed up with it: ‘One day I said: only call me when the old Citroën garage on the Stadionplein becomes available, but otherwise: leave me alone. A few weeks later the telephone rings: the garage was going to be temporarily empty. Whether I wanted to open a restaurant there.’ Together with Wim van Krimpen, former director of the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, which opens a gallery on the first floor and at the end of May he will organize an art fair. ‘Of course, because this is the only Le Corbusier-like building Amsterdam has.’ And now we’re here. Together with his hero Sander Louwerens of restaurant Lof they now govern the second floor of the former Citroën garage at Stadionplein. There is a green house inside, there is a roof terrace and of course there’s that super cool restaurant. When I’m there this Tuesday evening the green bar with those pretty lights above it and the many pink tables and chairs are ready for the first guests. They will not only feel the love for food and drinks (please look at the trolley with drinks that Wouters especially made for this restaurant) but also the love for the atmosphere of this iconic building. Highly recommendable! Open from Thursday April 23.


No website, Stadionplein, reservations: 0031-20-3626454


















  • Jeroen van Hattum

    22.04.2015 at 14:10 Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Booked a table. Saturday we are on! Sunny greetings from Amsterdam, Jeroen

  • Rkia

    22.04.2015 at 16:03 Reply

    How is the menu?

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