Volkshotel is already featured in The Amsterdam Guide and on Petite Passport since their opening but there was one special room I really wanted to try. It’s called Bathing Bikou and this room (number 505) is inspired on Japan and their bathing culture. The designer of the room, Hanna Maring, wanted to create a room where the bathroom got all the attention instead of the bedroom. And that worked out pretty well, because when you enter the room you’re eyes will immediately get drawn to the amazing wooden bath (coming straight out of Japan). Also striking is that by putting the bath in the center of attention, the room will automatically feels as a private sanctuary, a place you go to when you want to escape it all or just want to treat yourself to something special. There’s also a beamer in the room connected to Netflix, so you can watch your favorite serie from the bath tub (or the bed). Other things that caught my eye were the beautiful panels you can move to create your favorite atmosphere and the minibar filled with drinks and food which is all free to take.


Also good to know is that there’s a restaurant on top of the hotel called Canvas op de 7e where they serve a delicious 2-, 3- or 4-course dinner. I opted for the rib eye steak and afterwards I was treated on a delicious dessert with pear, mandarin and pomegranate. Highly recommendable – if only for the way they present it to you, like if you have something to celebrate!


Check out: www.volkshotel.nl and check out all the special rooms here.






  • Anke Roosendans

    08.01.2016 at 17:32 Reply

    Beautiful room. I already feel zen just by looking at it.

    • Pauline Egge

      08.01.2016 at 18:50 Reply

      I totally agree! That was the same feeling I got when I looked at the picture on their website and really wanted to experience it. Imagine how zen you will feel after staying there! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend! Pauline

  • Marieke van den Boogaard

    08.01.2016 at 18:07 Reply

    Hi Pauline,

    Do you sell your Amsterdam Guide at Volkshotel?

    • Pauline Egge

      08.01.2016 at 18:39 Reply

      Hi Marieke,

      They are gonna sell it in their new shop (in the caravans behind the reception), but I don’t know if it’s open yet. You can of course ask the reception, maybe they can already sell one!

      Best wishes, Pauline

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