Today is the official opening of The Pool, the new restaurant of The Student Hotel. I’ve been there this Friday and have to say: it’s pretty amazing! The Student Hotel is a place students can stay when they study in Amsterdam (and Rotterdam and The Hague) in a pretty dope environment created by staat,… The newest Student Hotel is located in the former offices of newspapers Trouw and Het Parool. That’s how they came up with the name. The Pool is derived from Het Parool. The interior is done by studio ninety nine who also did The Wasserette and the Coffee Company in Amsterdam. When you take a closer look you’ll see that everything in the interior fits like a puzzle. The lines engraved in the tables continue in the floor and in the ceiling. And they used a lot of different materials: from tiles to wood. In bright colors like pink and yellow. Of course there are some references to a swimming pool, such as the high chair and the signs on the walls saying ‘caution no climbing’. The restaurant is positioned on a higher level than the current canteen they have in the other Student Hotels because they’ve noticed that the students like it and this way locals love it even more. On the menu you’ll find Mediterranean inspired dishes like pizzettes, mini empanadas, kol boregi and lamb souvlaki. On the bar menu there’s a special section for anis drinks and sherry. This time I was there for lunch (tried the pizza margherita The Pool) but next time I will be there to try a pastis!


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