Brand new in Rotterdam!


Do you love shops like Folklore in London, the Webb Street Company in Cornwall and Labour and Wait in London? Then you will love the new Pantoufle in the center of Rotterdam (close to spots like Sajoer, Urban Espresso Bar and Picknick). The owner, Esther Blankers, collects special products to make you enjoy your everyday life even more. A vase is a vase, but the vase they sell from the Danish brand Nordstjerne make you smile everytime you look at it. The same goes for the speckled cups and plates. Or for the beautiful linen pillows and aprons from Linge Particulier from France. As you can see, Esther carefully select products that are made with love by independent makers around the world. From the lamps of Santa Cole (from Barcelona) to stationary of Postalco (from Japan) and cups by Dutch Kirstie van Noort. Don’t miss it when you’re planning a trip to Rotterdam! And when you’re not, don’t worry because they will open a webshop soon!


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