I love yoga and meditation. I followed a mindfullness course at the beginning of this year and now I’m meditating every single day at home. I’m sure you’re not following me for spiritual advice but I would highly recommend it because it’s really interesting to seek for stillness in the mind and to notice the influence of your thoughts. Yoga for me is also a form of meditation: because I’m always striving for perfection in my work, I tend to search for a relaxing form of physical activity to loose some of that tension. In finding a yoga studio of course I look for the aesthetic part. And that’s where Delight Yoga comes in. During my recent trip to Amsterdam (I stayed in this cool loft-hotel) I’ve followed a meditation class at their brand new studio at the Prinseneiland, a lovely, almost village-like, neighbourhood in Amsterdam. I’ve noticed the building opposite the studio which name is vrede (meaning: peace in Dutch), the right place to open a yoga studio right? Inside the interior is light and warm. There’s a big Ganesha standing in the meditation room, the yoga mats are made from wool and if you wash your hands they use Aesop. I choose for a meditation class to try because I tend to use the same meditation over and over again at home and I like to try something new. It really felt like a present for myself – taking the time to disconnect from internet, from things you still have to do and from other influences. Delight Yoga teaches more than 200 lessons a week on several locations in Amsterdam and The Hague. If you don’t live there you can try The House of Yoga, their online studio. And if you’re seeking for more inner peace, join them in October when they organize the first Inner Peace Conference in Amsterdam.


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