Michael Chernow is a well-known restaurant entrepreneur in New York. He opened The Meatball Shop 6 years ago on the Lower East Side and it’s been a hit ever since. He opened more locations throughout the city and there’s even a cook book (check out The Meatball Shop Cook Book here). Aside from the meatballs, he’s also a big fan of fish. That’s why he opened Seamore’s in New York: the place to go for extremely good fish dishes. Share fish & chips, poke or curry mussels with your friends or try a salad, tacos or the fresh caught of the day. Inspiration comes from the sea shacks in Montauk and Chernow got help from a small Brooklyn based architect couple called Carpenter & Mason. The restaurant has been chosen as one of the best spots for outdoor dining in the city. And you can also order take away. That comes in handy if you’re having a terrible jetlag and staying at The Sago Hotel, The Nolitan or 11 Howard (all quite nearby). Enjoy!


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