During this time of the year I like to look back at 2016 and express my sincere gratitude to you, the reader of Petite Passport. Imagine having a dream – making people happy with the most inspiring addresses worldwide – and you start by launching a WordPress site for friends and family in March 2010. I never did it for the money, but as a sort of urge to not keep the addresses for myself but to make other people happy with them as well. Of course I wanted to create a sort of business model out of it too and it took me years to figure out how I could be more of service and by listening closely to your requests I’ve launched the Petite Passport Guides in 2015. The printed guides arrived to me in December 2015 and I can’t express my gratitude enough if I see where it brought me this year (insert the tears of happiness emoticon here). You all started buying the guides, sharing them on Instagram and thanking me for all the fantastic citytrips you had thanks to my recommendations. The most fantastic stores all around the world started asking me if they could sell them in stores (yes, of course!) and I’m so so happy that I could be of service, that you trust in my product and, more importantly, in the addresses!


Some of you think that there’s a huge team behind it but it’s just me travelling the world and making the guides, publishing them myself (with the help of Juliette, the editor, Huinee and Yah-Leng of Foreign Policy Design and Yolanda, my printer), learning new things everyday. I visit every spot on my website to ensure it will make you happy and to give you unique reviews and photography. Everyday of this journey together with you felt like a party and I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings to us in terms of discovering the most stunning addresses and launching new guides.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I won’t post anything new until January the 9th. If you can’t miss Petite Passport I’ve wrote down some suggestions of what to do:


– You can browse my website to find the addresses on the destinations you’re going too.


– You can look at the hottest openings of 2016 here, here and here.


– The webshop will remain open, I will post the packages on Monday (except for the 26th of December), Wednesday and Friday.


– You know me: I will be visiting some spots too. And continue sharing my adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


– Also take a look at my Pinterest page if you’re making your Travel Wish List for 2017 and start pinning the places you really want to visit.


Okay, this will keep you busy during the Christmas break 😉


Merry Christmas & a Happy 2017! 


x Pauline

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