When I was discovering the white city of Lagos I fell in love with one door after the other. The colors on the walls (sometimes completely peeled, sometimes in bright colors, the other times with stunning tiles on them) in combination with the doors were so pretty my whole phone was suddenly full of images of them. And because I like it so much (and didn’t want to bother you with all these photos on social media) I love to share them with you in this post!














Tourism Algarve sponsored my flight and car rental. Check out their website here. 

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  • Heidi

    16.12.2016 at 02:10 Reply

    These are GORGEOUS! I’ve always loved unique doors as well. Growing up near New Orleans, I’ve gotten so used to walking around the French Quarter and being surrounded by shotgun houses that have all of these bright colors and crazy styles, and your pictures reminded me of that. You take beautiful pictures!

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