The owners of Kanarieclub are also behind the Food Hallen and were behind Meat West and Remise 47. Because the area around De Hallen, a popular destination for food-, shop-, denim- and cinemalovers, became so popular with similar restaurants, they decided to close Meat West and Remise 47 to create a new restaurant concept. They worked together with Studio Modijefsky for the interior which reflects some of the professions executed in this space when it was still a tram remise. The striking green working space was once the area where the painters worked and a above the tables on the other side of the restaurants they worked on electricity.


The space is huge and more attractive than during the time of the two different restaurants – especially when you walk from the indoor food market to the restaurant. There’s a bar (with a cool design detail with the tram signages in the arches telling you for example ’19 beers on tap’), restaurant, working space for freelancers and a bar upstairs which is called The Pool. The most popular dishes to order during lunch time are the Eggs Royale, Spicy Beef Salad and the Burger, while the evening menu is more upscale and divided into a 3-, 4- and 5-course menu. If you want you can also order a la carte and you’ll love the Candied Peel, Ceviche and Octopus with Chorizo.


Check out: www.kanarieclub.nl


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