It all started with Sir Albert in the Amsterdam area called De Pijp. In September last year they opened Sir Savigny in Berlin, last week the official opening of Sir Adam in Amsterdam took place and for this year they are planning of opening hotels in Hamburg (Sir Nikolai) and Ibiza (Sir Joan). Sir Adam is located in the A’dam Tower across the river IJ in Amsterdam-North. It’s really easy to reach because if you arrive to Amsterdam via Central Station you just take the free ferry to the other side of the river and you will immediately see the big building next to the Eye Museum.


Music is one of the big themes in this hotel. The name of the building, The A’dam Tower, stands for Amsterdam Dance and Music and that gives you an idea of the companies inside of it – like ID&T, Sony, AIRevents and MassiveMusic. When you walk to your room you will see a big library of records for you to take with you to the room where you will find a record player. The art in the hotel reflects big musicians like Mick Jagger and on the mirror in the room you will find the text ‘I got you babe‘, a line in the famous song of Sonny & Cher.


But there’s another striking thing in the room and that’s the view. You will look out over Amsterdam, see Central Station and the skyline of the city (mainly churches as Amsterdam isn’t a high rise city like New York). It’s magnetic and you will find yourself looking at the boats, the ferries and all the people who bike along the river. There are even binoculars in the room if you want to zoom in. Mind you: not all the rooms face the river. Make sure to ask for a room with this view. Also I like to add my enthusiasm about the bed that is very fluffy and you will be sure of a very good night of sleep.


The lobby is bright and spacious and has a view over the river as well – though not as beautiful as your room. There’s a restaurant called The Butcher and a Beer Garden on the second floor. The Butcher is famous for its (truffle) burgers.


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