Cool hotel groups like the Ace Hotel, Aman and The Hoxton Hotel now offering their clients more than just a night of sleep. They are bringing you the most exciting summer holiday packages you could think of. Let’s discover them in detail:





Hoxton Holiday

The first thing I can remember of  The Hoxton Hotel was their infamous 1 pound sale. I’ve tried to book a room, but just like concerts for Beyonce they sold out in seconds. After their first hotel they opened another one in London, in Amsterdam and in Paris and now they are moving into warmer destinations as well with Hoxton Holidays. Super cool camping destination Obonjan in Croatia teamed up with the hipster hotel chain from London to organize two idyllic trips curated by The Hoxton (one departing from London, the other from Amsterdam). You start with 24 hours in London or Amsterdam and after that they will spend 3 nights in a cool tent on Obonjan. It’s like a school trip for design-minded adults!


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Ace Hotel Food Tour

We all love the Ace Hotels right? Well, they are now having a fantastic contest going on with TASTE. Enter before the 30th of June and you might have a chance to win an 8-day 4-city food tour that includes seven nights in the following Ace Hotels (New Orleans, Portland, New York and Los Angeles), flight tickets, dinner for two in every city, a set of luggage and other great things. Wow, you want to win this! And please Ace: start organizing more dream trips like this!


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Aman Journeys

We all have at least one Aman Hotel on our Bucket List right? Luxury hotels on the most secluded locations. Amangiri tops my list, but I’ve heard amazing stories about a stay at Bhutan and Vietnam too. You can of course book a stay at one of their destinations, but if you want to soak in the complete Aman experience, you can go on a Aman Expedition. In October you can board a private jet that will bring you to the old and new China (Lijiang and Shanghai), to the Himalayas (to Bhutan), to pink city Rajasthan in India and end the expedition in Sri Lanka where you can spend the last few days on the beach.


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