Every month I like to look back at what inspired me the most and of course share the most popular spots based on the views here on Petite Passport. This is the Best of August.


Denim blue

When I went to London I had to stop at the Serpentine Pavilion designed by Francis Kéré. It was pouring and I forgot my umbrella, so I had to seek shelter for a few minutes. While eating a sandwich and drinking an organic cola the color blue of the Pavilion just got me. A soothing color that makes you feel relaxed even when you have a mind that is constantly telling you that ‘there are more spots you need to visit, so hurry up!’. Once at home I went to the local Farrow & Ball shop, bought the darkest blue they have and started painting the living room. My love for the color blue is also visible in other spots like Leman Locke where you will find a lighter version on the wall in the lobby, Alfredo’s Taqueria shows blue in sharp contrast with pink and the deep denim blue was also spotted at Clerkenwell Grind.



Design in Brabant

As there are many art- and design events happening in Brabant the next couple of months I’ve teamed up with VisitBrabant to share them with you. When you’re visiting The Netherlands you might end up in Amsterdam with a lot of cool spots to discover, but since the country is so small you can easily take your time to explore more. And with BrabantNacht (discover Dutch design during the night), the new Anish Kapoor installation at museum De Pont in Tilburg in September and Dutch Design Week in October you will definitely find your shot of design, hotspots & travel there! A few things that inspired me during those two days in Brabant were the table wear collection by Social Label (again in blue), the exhibition by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota and the Spoorzone, a new area in Tilburg, with a few cool restaurants.



Doing nothing in paradise

If you’re, just like, me having a to-do-list dictating your life, spending lots of hours behind a screen per week and if you’re finding it hard sometimes to find that quiet time in which the best ideas are born, I would recommend you to go to Casa Cook in Kos. It took some time when the room was ready and I almost started to feel a little itchy. Even on a remote paradise location as Casa Cook I was already ready to tick off some items on my to-do-list like ‘make report’, ‘share pic on Instagram’, ‘read book’ without a minute rest in between. And happily it got to me right at that moment that the waiting was in fact a gift. To just take the inspiring surroundings in. To laugh with my sister who was joining me. To look out over the ocean with just me and my not so itchy thoughts. I got into the relaxation mood – we now have to see how long it takes when I fall back into the ‘list-making’ modus.



The most popular addresses of August:


1.Alfredo’s Taqueria in Rotterdam



2.Manon les Suites in Copenhagen



3.By Jarmusch in Rotterdam



4.Leman Locke in London 



5.Clerkenwell Grind in London 




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