Since I’ve visited the brand new The Loft in Arnhem this week, I like to share five of my other favorite loft style hotel rooms:



Clouds 9000 Gent – a studio of approximately 40 m2 in an old chapel turned into a hotel room with a living room/dining room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor and a bedroom on the mezzanine.



The Loft Amsterdam – what if you tear down all the walls on the top floor of a beautiful house in Amsterdam and fill it with an Eginstill kitchen, a long dining table, a huge Paola Navone couch and a freestanding bathtub? The Loft in Amsterdam is the result.




Flattered Porto – what to do with the bedroom if you live in a loft and don’t want to sleep without walls? Then you transform a container into a bedroom. Very cozy!





Bea b&b Knokke – how to transform an old villa into a super modern loft style home? Look at Bea b&b in Knokke.




Zoku in Amsterdam – wondering how to transform 25m2 into a space with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and dining table? Check out Zoku in Amsterdam.




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