If there’s one thing I like so much about the Petite Passport community is that you feel the same love for cities as I do. And when I went to Lisbon last year the love was extremely big. Still I receive mails of people telling me how much they loved the city, my recommendations (see them all here) and how they would like to have a Lisbon Guide. As always, I listen to you, and now I’m off to Portugal to gather the best, the latest and the most inspiring design addresses. So I hope to launch a brand new guide to you very soon!


Porto and Lisbon

This time I’m combining my trip to Lisbon with a visit to Porto because of a bunch of new, cool addresses. Including My Home in Porto. I’m a big fan of My Home in Lisbon where I’ve stayed last time and that’s why I have to see My Home in Porto too. On Friday I’m taking the train to Lisbon to have another week of exploring there too!


Digital suitcase

So jump into my digital suitcase called Instagram and follow me there. Afterwards I will share all of my addresses here! My goal is to get you in the mood for Portugal, although I think that comes easily as you’re already such big fans of the country!


Beijo, Pauline

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