Unfortunately, this spot has closed its doors.

If you can only visit one spot in Porto, let it be Mondo Deli. Expect a mouth-watering interior and a menu based on global cuisine with an emphasis on vegetables.


Rua do Almada

Mondo Deli is located at Rua do Almada. Once a street with mostly workshops, now these places are transformed by young entrepreneurs. There is a beautiful cheese shop called Queijaria do Almada, you can shop ceramics at Pulp Design and Raul Sousa specializes in design from the 20th century. Mondo Deli used to be a workshop too, but German architect Christian Haas transformed the entire building into a home, office and restaurant. 


Handmade furniture

He runs Mondo Deli together with Marcus Zietz and chef Catarina Garcias. Almost all furniture is handmade. From the benches to the chairs and from the lamps to the large dining tables. “The restaurant concept is about sharing,” says Catarina. “Not only the dishes, influenced by world cuisine, are meant to be shared, the large communal tables invite you to share too. And that is quite unique in Portugal where people aren’t used to be sharing a large table with strangers. But it works and it delivers a nice mix of food, people and conversations.” 


World cuisine with local ingredients

You can find Portuguese food anywhere in Porto. World cuisine however is not that common yet and they want to make a difference at Mondo Deli. Of course they mainly work with local ingredients, but with an Indian influence for example. It results in delicious dishes. The menu changes again at the end of April, so my dishes may not be available anymore, but I had a delicious starter (fennel and orange) and a kind of risotto, but made differently from mushrooms as a main dish. 


Vegan and vegetarian friendly

There is always a meat and fish dish on the menu, but Mondo Deli mainly focuses on vegetables, making it an excellent address for vegans and vegetarians. Also don’t forget to order a delicious cocktail. 


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  • Natalia

    23.04.2018 at 14:21 Reply

    I love the minimal design here. I visited Porto and struggled to find great places to eat so this is worth remembering!

    • Pauline Egge

      23.04.2018 at 17:16 Reply

      It’s beautiful right? Definitely worth going!

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