I still see myself sitting in an airplane waiting for takeoff while downloading the new Instagram app. I was traveling to a city and thought it was nice to share some of my adventures on it. My sister was the first follower, and now we’re with 80.000 design travelers! They don’t even fit in one airplane anymore. You would at least need 152 Boeings (!) to host a Petite Passport Instagram followers trip.


More important for me is to keep inspiring my readers with the latest openings and the most beautiful design addresses. A mail or comment of a reader sharing their positive stories of a place they visited via my website or the guides, makes me super happy! It’s all about the sharing. If I wanted to keep all the places for myself, I would never start something like this.


To thank my readers, I’m giving away 8 Petite Passport Guides on Instagram. Visit www.instagram.com/petitepassport, be part of the design travel community and join the contest to win one of the guides for your next trip!


In the meantime, I’m going to make sure to inspire you with lots of beautiful places to visit in the future!


xxx Pauline






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