Soho House Amsterdam opened its doors on Monday, and I can already share you all the details!



In a time with so many possibilities, people like Nick Jones, founder of Soho House, inspire me. Because they stay focused on their initial idea, guard it with their life, don’t get distracted by the little things and being able to keep that success even if it grows immensely. Like Soho House does.


Staying true

Imagine creating the first Soho House in 1995 with the idea of being a home for your members. Then imagine waking up on July 30th of this year with the knowledge of opening your 21st Soho House in Amsterdam. You’ve had all the attention over the last couple of years – from the Annabelle Bronstein scene in Sex and the City to the location of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first date – everyone with an ego larger than The Shard desperately wants to get in and brands from all over the world want to work together. Of course, he could have said yes to everyone and especially in the beginning that could have been tempting. But by saying no, staying true to his original idea, his business became this authentic, successful, privacy protected, mobile phone districted brand it is right now. And although you may not be welcomed as a member, we can all learn from his focus in our own businesses.



The building where Soho House Amsterdam resides in was built in 1934, and for years it served as the University for Humanities. A monument and interesting because of the functionalism architecture style. Aesthetics weren’t that important; it had to be functional. Upon entering you will see the check-in desk and above the entrance an artwork by Studio Drift. Art is significant at Soho House. They mix the exceptional works with drawings of young artists so be sure to take a moment to enjoy. Especially at The Club where you will find a corner dedicated to Vincent van Gogh’s self-portraits. They asked artists to paint their own portraits, and it worked out to be an inspiring gallery. I also love the artworks by San Ming near the elevators on the top floor.



While the British based company opens houses all over the world with their in-house design team, you will see a lot of local references throughout the building. For example, they serve stroopwafels during breakfast at the House Kitchen, they work with local artists, Wunderkammer took care of the greenery and the Soho House Amsterdam color blue is based on the canals. Furniture-wise they’ve collected one-of-a-kind pieces – some of them available via their webshop Soho Home. On the rooftop, we’ll see Max Lamb’s Last Stool Splatter and also a marble table by the same British designer. Quite modern compared to the more classical approach of the design, but the British Racing Green color matches the green color on the bathrobes. Yes, bathrobes. Soho House Amsterdam has a rooftop pool on top of the building with an amazing view over the city. There’s also a gym, a bar, a cinema and an event space.


More to come…

Since Soho House Amsterdam has just opened its doors, Cecconi’s and the Cowshed Spa aren’t open yet. They plan to open it in September. Of course, I will keep you posted.


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