Since it’s December I teamed up with the most popular spots on Petite Passport this year for some fantastic giveaways! The most popular hotel this year was The Hoxton in Paris and this week we’re giving away a night for two! And when you arrive you’ll also receive a signed copy of The Paris Guide in your room. Yeah!


So quickly go to and join! How? You have to follow @thehoxtonhotel and @petitepassport on Instagram, tell us who you like to take with you and of course why you’d like to win! Good luck!



We will announce the winner on Sunday and next Monday we’ll share another great contest!



Love, Pauline


  • Dominique van den Heuvel

    17.12.2018 at 13:13 Reply

    Dear Petite Passport and Pauline,

    After accidentally just taking a little peek on the PP-website for some nice Paris inside-outs, I found out about the Hoxton contest!
    My housemate Babette and I (Dominique) are Dutch students, living in Amsterdam. We are 20 years old and planned an impulsive trip to Paris some weeks ago. We planned to go by Thalys from the 3rd until the 7th of January. Our motto has always been: “Why not, not why”, and it’s been working pretty well so far! 🙂
    Babette is the one who told me about the Petite Passport Instagram account, I must say that I fell in love with the branding of your travel guides and website. It makes it stand out to all the so many travel guides.

    Then about the Hoxton; I must say that I only know about the Hoxton since my other housemate (Mads) is actually more in The Hoxton Amsterdam than in our house.. Since he is studying at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, it’s his place of inspiration and quiet peace.

    Babette doesn’t know that I’m already trying to make unforgettable plans for the trip. She is really one of the most hospitable and caring persons I know, which made me want to give something back since I’m rich in happiness and joy but not really in the financial sense of the word.

    I would love to hear something back and if not, don’t worry, I will still be following you guys on Instagram! 🙂


    Dominique van den Heuvel
    (Babette Kolff)
    Amsterdam, 27th of December

  • Satrina Wilske

    17.12.2018 at 20:05 Reply

    Paris, on arrive! I’d love to feel the vibe of the Hoxton Hotel with my sweetheart Andre. Enjoying the inviting room of the hotel. What else? For sure kissing at the Pont Neuf. And definitely watch the crowd of Beyonce fans at the Louvre waiting in a row.

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