April 18th, 2014


Most striking feature:

In Surry Hills you will find one nice restaurant after another. One of the latest additions is The Stables. A cafe and shop opposite the Beresford Hotel, one of the most famous pubs in Sydney. The Stables is actually more than just a cafe and a shop, because there’s also a creative company, a modeling agency and a rooftop in the building. So much to discover! I started my visit with a lunch in the lovely black/white cafe where they serve Five Leaves coffee and work in beautiful designed aprons. After the Read more…

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April 4th, 2014


Most striking feature:

When you go to Manly Beach by boat you arrive at the Manly Wharf where you will find Papi Chulo. This new restaurant, with a North & South American cuisine, comes from the guys at Merivale, a restaurant group in Sydney who are also responsible for Mr Wong and Palings for example. This is their first restaurant in Manly and the atmosphere is unforgettable. The entire front consists of Read more…

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April 3rd, 2014


Most striking feature:

Everyone knows Bondi Beach ofcourse: one of the most famous (surf) beaches in the world. And that you will find a lot of cool cafes and shops there is also something we know. New to the scene is North Bondi Fish which is, as the name suggests, located in North Bondi. The restaurant is only open for lunch and dinner and has an inspiring interior. From the blue colors to the giant lights and from the nice Read more…

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April 2nd, 2014


Most striking feature:

At Rushcutters you will find everything that I love in a hotspot: it is located in a large industrial warehouse, the floor-to-ceiling windows are always open, the food is perfect and the design unbeatable. Rushcutters is divided into several areas: a casual cafe with those floor-to-ceiling windows, a take-away bar, a communal table in the back of the restaurant and ofcourse the restaurant itself. I went there to have breakfast (frittata with mushrooms and a tea) and it was really good. You can go here by yourself or with friends. At night they Read more…

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April 1st, 2014


Most striking feature:

A complete cafe-experience with a stunning design. The Grounds of Alexandria was one of the places I wanted to visit as soon as I landed in Sydney because I wanted to see the interior of this fantastic cafe. Not knowing that it’s definitely more than just a cafe: it’s an experience complete with a terrace, a take-away coffee corner, a market on Saturday, yoga-lessons, a new building in development and a pig named Kevin Bacon. Whenever you’re there it’s always full of people: with or without kids. Kids love it here too because of the animals and the tiny little animal farm on site. When I visited there was a line of people waiting for their good coffee, but I didn’t join them because I wanted to have breakfast here. I’ve ordered eggs on toast with banana cake with it and I didn’t have to eat for hours after that: I was stuffed – in a good way because it was al so delicious. The manager gave me a tour of the property and I’ve learned that Read more…

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March 31st, 2014


Most striking feature:

The location. The QT Sydney is located right in the center of the city: perfectly located if you not only want to visit the center, but love to explore other area’s such as Surry Hills and Bondi Beach too. Because you just grab a metro and you’re good to go. The QT is open for a few years now and it’s part of the group. They also have properties in Port Douglas, on the Gold Coast, in Falls Creek and they recently announced their new opening in Canberra. The hotel attracts a lot of creative visitors: musicians, actors and other artists who all like to have their own haven in the city center of Sydney. You’re being welcomed on street level by a girl with a red wig who Read more…

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March 31st, 2014


I really enjoyed my time in Sydney. One of the most beautiful cities on earth. The sun is always shining, every moment of the day you can just pick up your things and go to a beach like Bondi or Manly and the hotspots are fantastic. I texted my boyfriend the first day: ‘You can’t believe it but I’ve got the whole Sydney Week covered in just a few hours’. That was mainly because I walked through Surry Hills where you will find one good cafe after the other. But don’t forget to go to Read more…

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February 28th, 2014


For me Australia is where it all started. At the age of 20 (12 years ago) I travelled to Australia as a backpacker. It was my first long journey and I arrived at a wet T-shirt contest on the first night. I thought: oh no, that’s not going to happen. I might not have a millionaires budget, but I’m gonna find the more special places down under. And that’s how I travelled for seven months through Australia, in search for cool spots. It may sound as a far-away destination but it definitely is an influencer in the world of hotspots. We’re now all doing the hanging plant thing, but have you seen The Commons in Sydney already? Open for years now (I wrote about it in 2010) and I’m sure they are already thinking about doing something else. Look at the coffee culture: Toby’s Estate opened their doors in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Parisian owner of Holybelly was a photographer when he arrived in Melbourne and got influenced by the coffee virus Down Under and he opened a cafe in Paris to bring a bit of Melbourne to France. And why is Federal Cafe in Barcelona such a success? Because the owners come from Australia and they decided to bring the open windows, coffee culture and delicious pies to Sant Antoni. That’s the reason I have to see Sydney (and after that Melbourne) and visit all those new spots that opened after my last visit and share my experiences with you! I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

12 years ago Cathay Pacific was the airline to bring me to Australia and now they are gonna bring me there again! Travelling in their brand new Premium Economy Class (follow me tomorrow on Twitter to read all about my experience) to Hong Kong first. That’s the perfect stop-over destination so I can visit Yardbird again and stay at the fantastic Hotel ICON and after that I’m off to Sydney to stay at the superb QT Sydney.

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December 3rd, 2013

Bion Societé

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you want to discover another area of Sydney than the center. Bion Societé is located in Camperdown.
  2. If you want to try their high quality coffees or Read more…

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November 20th, 2013


3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you love to take a boat trip from the harbour of Sydney to Watsons Bay.
  2. If you wanna eat delicious fish & chips while Read more…

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