August 27th, 2014


At Artte in the l’Eixample district of Barcelona art comes together with great food and tea (that explains the two t’s in the name). In the restaurant there’s a stage where they organize poetry, theatre and music performances, they also have a website where you can support local artists and throughout the whole property you will see beautiful pieces of art. The tropical print in the cafe is definitely striking. It’s only temporarily, because every few months they paint it white again and another artist gets the chance to fill the wall. Nice! Then there’s Read more…



August 18th, 2014


Let’s start this week with a world premiere! An inside look of Nino Viejo: the newest restaurant of Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez in Barcelona. Only open for two days when I went there for dinner on Friday and I want to shout it from the rooftops: you must go here when you’re in Barcelona! Vale, let’s start with a short introduction before I tell you about my experience. Albert Adrià is the brother of Ferran Adrià, the man behind the legendary El Bulli restaurant, and he is rapidly changing the Sant Antoni and Poble Sec neighborhoods into a gastonomic heaven. First there was restaurant Tickets, then Pakta, Bodega 1900 and now there’s this new Mexican kid on the block called Nino Viejo. In this last restaurant Adrià works together with chef Paco Méndez. Born in Mexico, worked for El Bulli and now he has the ambition to be the best Mexican restaurant in the world – outside Mexico. Nino Viejo means old child which means that we should never lose our young spirit: therefore there’s no stiff atmosphere in this taqueria style restaurant, but it’s rather loose and casual but with extremely high service. If you, for example, take Read more…



August 14th, 2014


From the same owners as Oval Barcelona comes the brand new Blitz Barcelona. Oval is a burger bar in l’Eixample and at Blitz they don’t focus on burgers, but on the most delicious sandwiches. From ‘normal’ ones to Frankfurter’s and Bikini’s. I’ve ordered a Bikini (croque monsieur) with jamon and cheese and it was really good. Can’t wait to try out more of the menu. Like the chicken sandwich or the one with tuna. If you don’t eat fish or meat they also have Read more…

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July 29th, 2014


3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you already like the other Praktik Hotels such as Praktik Rambla, Praktik Garden and Praktik Bakery in Barcelona and Praktik Metropol in Madrid. They are gonna open a new Praktik Hotel on October 30th.
  2. If you like wine. Praktik Vinoteca has a wine-theme: in the interior, but they also have wine tastings and a large terrace where you can try wines from famous Spain wineries.
  3. If you like to explore the l’Eixample district. They are really close to Toto, Cornelia & Co and Oval.

Read more…

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April 24th, 2014


Most striking feature:

The newest Praktik Hotel in Barcelona! Hotel Praktik Bakery opened its doors officially on April 1, but this week the bakery also opened its doors, so the hotel is now complete. You probably know how much I love the Praktik Hotels. All their hotels are unique and you can stay there for a pretty good price (often below 100 euro per night). Earlier I wrote about Praktik Rambla and Praktik Garden in Barcelona and about Praktik Metropol in Madrid. The design is always outstanding and always done by Lazaro Rosa-Violan. He always takes care of the building and the theme of the hotel so not one of the Praktik Hotels look the same. The theme of the new Praktik is ofcourse ‘the bakery’. So if you follow the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries, then you know you’ve find the right place. Forn, or in English Bakery, Baluard is one of the most famous bakeries in Barcelona. They have Read more…



April 23rd, 2014


Most striking feature:

Barceloneta is more than a popular tourist beach, because surfers come here often to find the perfect wave. You will see surfers walking with their boards along the boulevard towards the sea and at chiringuito Gallito you will see the surfboards hanging on the wall – not only as decoration because you can also rent them. New is Firmamento, a surf shop that is only open during the weekend and where you can buy all kind of surf products. From the boards itself to wax (which has an oh so good coconut smell). But there’s more: the Read more…

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January 6th, 2014

Praktik Hotel Bakery

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you love the Praktik Hotels just as much as I do (read my reviews of Praktik Garden, Praktik Rambla and Praktik Metropol here): they are gonna open a new one in April called Praktik Hotel Bakery.
  2. If you want to stay at a superb location. This Praktik is Read more…



November 13th, 2013


Most striking feature:

The way of cooking. At Saboc they’ve compiled a menu based on four ways of cooking: raw, low temperature, with stoves and griddles. No big plates, but small, simple dishes with an unique taste. At the square where Mercat del Born recently opened its doors after years of renovation, Saboc opened the doors in the same week. They are in good company because Cafe Kafka and Read more…



November 12th, 2013

Ido do Balear

Most striking feature:

The Balearic Islands in Barcelona. Idò do Balear is a shop and cafe where they only sell products with their roots in the Balearic Islands. Whether it’s a sausage from Menorca or beautiful packages almonds from Mallorca. The three owners are friends and have one thing in common: they all come from Mallorca but live and work in Barcelona for years already. In addition to their work as graphic designer, architect and publisher, they’ve used their talents and knowledge to open and run Ido do Balear. And that works Read more…

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November 11th, 2013

Bacoa Barcelona

Most striking feature:

The burgers. Best of Barcelona so they say. I’ve also tried one or two of them myself and indeed, they are juicy, big and very delicious. Perhaps you’re thinking: ‘Bacoa, Pauline, that’s not exactly a new address’. You’re right. Little Bacoa in el Born has been a great success since its opening and the owners also opened Kiosko in the same district. The new Bacoa (opened a few weeks ago) is located in the heart of the city: close to Plaza de Catalunya and Praktik Rambla. The interior (done by design studio TwoPoints) is a feast for the eye. And that is mainly because of Read more…

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