July 18th, 2011

When I was still working for LIV’ my travel partners in crime Xaviera Aubri and Anne Timmer went to Consolación for a report (text by Xaviera, photos by Anne):

Most striking feature:

“When you have travelled the world for work and private reasons, to the most desirable tropical destinations, there is little left that is really jawdropping. Especially when it comes to hotels. After thatched cabana’s on water in the Maldives, Maharaja huntinglodges in India and eco resorts in Hawaii, rural Spain sounds a bit like packing for an unglamourous backpacking disaster. But thanks to one of a kind spots like hotel Consolación, the ‘low rent’ feel that is sometimes associated with Spain is gone in seconds.

This unique spot really made my jaw drop. After a ride through mountains, you would almost miss it’s location gawking at all the natural beauty it’s surrounded by. After the jaw drop came my second thought: Wedding central! This hotel is a converted covent that the owners are renting of the church.

So modern rooms are a stones throw away form the section that still holds the old church. Cubic cabana rooms overlooking the valley are on the otherside of the courtyard and could accomodate more wedding attendees. It has an excellent chef that prepares a dish that is engraved in my memory: salted chocolate mouse with olive oil. Just like the hotel, it is one of kind and made with love.

Though the whole of the architecture is alluring, it is mainly the a-symetric pool, edged  on a low vinyard like spot that is very inviting when the temperature rises. Surrounded by olive trees and dressed up with Patricia Urquiola chairs, it’s very private for a dip in the afternoon. Or for a late night pool party when the whole courtyourd is lit up with small lights and enclosed by a star filled sky. Que romantico! This place breaths beauty, rest and love.”

Check out: www.consolacion.com.es

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