June 18th, 2014


The Urban Deli in the Sodermalm neighborhood is a hit. An organic supermarket with next to it a cozy café with a terrace for sunny days. New is the Urban Deli in the Sickla district. It seems to be a bit out of town but with the train from Sussen you’re there in less than ten minutes. Sickla is an area where many people with a good job and young children live. And therefor they’ve chosen to live slightly out of the city And then there should be shops ofcourse. There’s a H&M, but also some small independent shops and larger interior stores. And then there is Sickla Urban Deli. Similar to the one in Sodermalm, but with a larger market where they sell everything. From bread to meat and chips to even Read more…



June 17th, 2014


Each city has a place like this: a restaurant without fuss, always open and where you will find simple and delicious dishes on the menu. Taverna Brillo in Stockholm is such a casual address where you can go to for a quick espresso with friends or sit on the benches under the graffiti art wall with a good sandwich and your best friends. The restaurant is more posh and something to go to if you want to celebrate something. As you may understand this restaurant is divided into several areas: a deli, cafe, coffee shop, bakery, restaurant, bar, patio and even a Read more…

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June 16th, 2014


The Story Hotel in Stockholm’s city center has attracted an artistic crowd since its opening in 2011. And since a few months the fans of that hotel can now also stay at a new Story Hotel in Sundbyberg. There the owners conjured an old fire station in a hotel, restaurant and bar with the same cool vibe. First, you will probably wonder why you should choose for this Sundbyberg location? It’s twenty minutes by subway from T-Centralen (one line, so that’s easy). It is a neighborhood on the rise and there are a lot of big companies in that area. That’s why the hotel is packed with businessmen during the week, and the weekend attracts guests who do not necessarily want to be in the center and like to explore a new neighborhood (tip: go to Read more…

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June 14th, 2014


Foodcourts. Often uninviting places with fluorescent light where you don’t go for some inspiration. Then there’s K25 in Stockholm. Foodcourt new style. With a fantastic design: you don’t have a large open space with uninviting chairs and tables, but several corners to sit down. For example, immediately to the left of the entrance you will find magazines hanging on the wall for you to read when you order a cup of coffee from Kura Cafe from New Zealand. There are long communal tables where you can get a burger of Vigarda. There is Read more…

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June 13th, 2014


Right in front of the School of Architecture in Stockholm you will find the shop of Lotta Agaton, a well-known interior designer from Stockholm. She not only sells the finest designer stuff in here, but she’s also working there on new projects. Working in front of a wall with some inspiring quotes where ‘no bullshit allowed’ is the most eye-catching. From the pictures I’ve seen before I thought the store was completely white, but those pictures are from the year she started and the interior is changed a lot since then. Now I see Read more…

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June 12th, 2014


The Nobis Hotel in Stockholm is a big hit since the opening four years ago. The bedrooms have a calm interior and overlook the Normalmstorg, but the cocktails are even more popular by guests and non-guests. Especially the Strawberry Basil Smash who is served more than 40.000 times already (read more about the Nobis Hotel here). Recently the owner of the Nobis Hotel fell in love with a new impressive building on the Sveavägen, a street especially made for the King when he wanted to move quickly from his Palace to his Summer house. Once the new Miss Clara Hotel was a school for girls, and that’s where the name came from: Miss Clara was the principle. Not that there is much visible from the former school, although the steel structure in the staircase came from that time and one of the suites was once a place where the girls were going to pray. If I ask Gustavo Catenacci, Managing Director of the hotel, where the inspiration for this hotel came from he says they didn’t work that way. There was no theme, no inspiration. The design, furniture and art all came from the heart of the owner. When it touched his heart, it was used, otherwise not. Together with architect Read more…

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June 11th, 2014


Maybe you’ve already heard about Mikkeller? Earlier I wrote about Mikkeller in Copenhagen (read my review of Mikkeller in Vesterbro here and the review of their cafe in Norrebro here). The city where this microbrewery comes from is now rapidly conquering the world. With their latest addition a bar in Stockholm. A little introduction: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is the owner and founder of Mikkeller and was a teacher before he started experimenting with beer. Not widespread, but rather small. With special flavors in the lead. He opened Mikkeller Vesterbro in 2010 and did some collaborations with other breweries. When I entered Mikkeller & Friends in Norrebro last year I saw that result in a large cupboard: many flavors in bottles that you immediately want to start collecting because Read more…

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June 10th, 2014


You may know Dusty Deco in Sodermalm. A wonderful place for vintage finds, but the owners grew out of it. So they were looking for a bigger location and they found it in the up-and-coming area of Hornstull. There you literally walk into heaven if you love vintage and I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Let’s start with a short piece of history: the owners of Dusty Deco (also a couple) worked for years for famous Swedish fashion brands. For their work they traveled the world and came back with wonderful vintage pieces. Often 60s design from the States, but basically everything that makes their heart beats faster. First they put it all in their home until they grew out of it. So that Read more…

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June 9th, 2014

The HTL Hotel is one of the newest hotels in the center of Stockholm. It just opened a few weeks ago when I arrived.
At HTL Hotels they make it as easy as possible for their guests. So check-in only takes five minutes in the self check-in counters in the lobby (it is even possible to check in, and open your room, with your smartphone. The rooms are all the same: there is only a difference in rooms with and rooms without windows. I myself would always opt for a room with a window and for that you pay 79 euros per night (that’s the starting price for a double occupation). Swedish Architecture & Design company Koncept was asked to do the complete design of the hotel and that resulted in Read more…



June 9th, 2014


This week is devoted entirely to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Maybe you’ve travelled with me last week via Instagram or Facebook, maybe not. One thing is certain: the next few days I will share all of my discoveries with you, so you know everything about the newest hotels, shops and restaurants. And can visit them yourself during your next trip. Ofcourse they all have a cool design and not unimportant: there’s such a good atmosphere that you really don’t want to leave. Apart from the new spots I would like to call Stockholm the best shop city ever. If you Read more…

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