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Casas na Areia is the ultimate family vacation home – and it did win a lot of architectural prices. Let’s start at the beginning. The owners of Casas na Areia (houses in the sand) weren’t working in tourism but when they visited an exhibition at the Tate in London together with a friend who happens to be an architect they got the idea for a family home in Comporta. An area close to Lisbon and an area which wasn’t (and still isn’t) touched by mass tourism. Casas na Areia was actually meant for them to use, but they weren’t there all the time so why not rent it out to friends? The main casa is so special because there’s sand on the floor. You can say you take the beach into your home. And don’t think it’s primitive, because there’s even heating underneath the sand and there’s electricity you can use as well. It’s architecture in the most special form. That’s why it won a lot of prices, got featured on several design blogs and more and more people wanted to stay there. So it’s possible to take your family there. Dive in the pool with a view over the rice fields. Drive to the beach to have lunch. Or simple stay at home read the books and magazines or cook at the huge kitchen. This is what a holiday should feel like!


Extra: last picture is a picture of the beach close to Casas na Areia.


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My trip was sponsored by Transavia.

Transavia flies several times a week from Amsterdam Schiphol to Porto and Lisbon, check their website for the best tickets. 

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  • Mary Pelders Vos

    22.06.2013 at 14:42 Reply

    WoW, we would like to spend the holidays here !!! We are flexible in time, from friday July 22 till sunday August 21.
    2 families, 9 persons.
    Karins family counts 5 persons,
    my (Marys) family counts 4 persons.

    Truly yours,
    Karin and Mary

    • Pauline Egge

      22.06.2013 at 09:09 Reply

      Thank you Mary! That sounds great. Unfortunately I’m not a booking website, Petite Passport is only there for the inspiration. I would visit their website ( and book there. And say hi from me to Joao and his wife! Enjoy!

  • Julia K

    22.06.2013 at 12:59 Reply

    Is it practical? It looks awesome from the idea and the design point but is it really practical. I can just picture sand getting everywhere. I am not a pessimist. Just a practical designer.

    • Pauline Egge

      22.06.2013 at 06:20 Reply

      Hi Julia,

      Thanks for your comment. Good that you share this and maybe it’s good to know that the rooms don’t have a floor made of sand. It’s only the communal space and I really liked it. You start to slow down immediately when you enter the space. Of course there will be sand between your toes, but it also gives you the ultimate Comporta-feeling. Try it out one day! You will love it – especially as a designer!

      Best wishes, Pauline

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