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After The Barn in Mitte, a small coffee shop across the street from Do You Read Me, the owner opened a huge space on the Schönhauser Allee last September. It’s not even bigger, but also much lighter. The perfect place to do tastings. When I was there last week the owner told me that at night the best barista’s of Europe (like Tim Wendelboe from Oslo) came to The Barn to show their work and let the customers taste the result. That’s exactly what they want to be ‘a brew bar instead of a coffee shop’. There are a few places to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee but strollers and laptops aren’t allowed. And there isn’t a wifi-connection. Well that only distracts you from the reason you walked in at the first place: trying a delicious cup of quality coffee. I’ve ordered a sandwich with brie and apple with it and I have to say: they also know how to prepare sandwiches as well. Yummy.

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My trip was sponsored by easyjet and Visit Berlin.

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