The restaurant moved to a bigger location so the pictures aren’t accurate anymore. Still, the place to go for the most delicious skewers though! 


Most striking feature:


The skewers. I’ve tried three of them but I wish I had ordered them all. They are so good! Yardbird opened it’s doors two years ago and it’s still the place to go to. They don’t take reservations so you have to come early. I went there at 6pm and at 6.30pm almost the whole restaurant was full already. People first take a seat at the lively bar area (oh, do I love those chairs) and order themselves a cocktail – or two. Then they can eat at the bar or go to a table. Everything on the menu is limited so when they run out of it, they close the door (another reason to arrive on time). And that menu is all about the chicken skewers. And if you want to find out how different parts of a chicken taste you’re in for fun. You can order heart, neck, liver, wings, breast, tail. I did go for the neck, rib and their most famous dish, the meatballs. My favorite was the rib skewer which was so soft. But the other two dishes I also liked very much. Definitely a go.


Check out: www.yardbirdrestaurant.com



My trip was sponsored by Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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