Most striking feature:


Not a dirty communal space in your dorm, but a high end designer lobby where you can work, socialize or eat. The Student Hotel Amsterdam opened its doors last year in Rotterdam (please read my report here) and the establishment in Liège is also open. On September the 1st, The Student Hotel in Amsterdam opens with no less than 700 (!) rooms. A unique concept for students who love good design, but also fall for the VANMOOF bike which is included in the room rate, the international friends they make and the fact that during lunch time they don’t have to order french fries with mayonnaise, because they can order a healthy sandwich with chicken and guacamole at The Kitchen. You can also check in at The Student Hotel as a parent with studying children in Amsterdam or as a tourist ofcourse. I love to take you with me on a tour through the hotel:


Let’s start with The Student Hotel itself. Upon entering, you see the check-in counter which is open for 24 hours. It’s not that I believe in print and color therapy, but the black/white print showing a sign that welcomes you and the bright yellow desk next to it makes me feel happy in an instant. And when I look to the left and see a row of yellow mailboxes before a azure colored wall my happiness is complete. For that effect I have to thank …,staat, because they did the interior of the lobby of The Student Hotel. Quotes on the walls, beautiful designer sofas and chairs, a funny pillow showing a close-up of a cat, a billiard table, a black/white ship model and a long table with chairs for the students to work on. …,staat already linked its name to spots like Bilder & de Clercq and The Lobster House in Amsterdam. Just for the record: this area is only accessible to the people who actually stay here. I also saw the laundry room, the huge bike shed with 700 bikes, a basketball court where they gave a yoga class, and the rooms itself.


The Kitchen is accessible for non-guests and it’s a luxury canteen. Definitely not a cheap restaurant. You order a lunch-menu for 6.50 euro (sandwich including orange juice) at the counter and you need to clean up your mess afterwards, but in exchange they give you some extra’s. Like the app ‘Songwaiter’ which owner Jelle made himself. In it you can create your own playlist to be heard throughout the place. After the tour I went there myself and ordered a very good sandwich with chicken and guacamole and while I was enjoying it I saw a lot of creative people passing. Like when you say: ‘I love your pants’ and they reply to it with: ‘made it myself’. The interior of the Kitchen isn’t done by …,staat but by Jelle itself (together with a friend who can build everything he sees). Jelle told me that nothing costs more than 20 euro. Definitely worth a compliment because anyone can buy expensive designer furniture, but to make such an inspiring place with a budget like that is evidence of real talent.


Now I have to stop raving about The Student Hotel: you just have to go there for yourself and see it!


From 50 euro per night, check out:


The official openings date is September 1st, but they already take reservations. And The Kitchen is also open for dinner. 

















  • Adam P.

    26.08.2013 at 11:47 Reply

    Looks like an ideal place to stay when you are exploring the city. And quite affordable, too, I imagine. With its querky and playful style it reminds me of Google offices a bit. It´s definitely a great design for the young mobile generation and its bustling social life.

  • Inge serry

    26.08.2013 at 23:10 Reply


    Hebben jullie nog iets vrij om met 4 personen te logeren. Is dit 50 euro/p.p.?

    Met vriendelijke groeten

    Inge Serry

    • Pauline Egge

      26.08.2013 at 11:00 Reply

      Hi Inge, dank voor je reactie! Alleen dient deze website echt puur om inspiratie en dien je het boeken via The Student Hotel zelf te doen. Zie: veel plezier daar! groetjes, Pauline

  • Inge serry

    26.08.2013 at 23:12 Reply

    Sorry, datum vergeten. Zou van 23 tot 24 april zijn. Inge Serry

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