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The cool looking dudes who open the door for you? The tokyobikes in the lobby? The specially for Ace designed radio with their own Ace channels? The Ace Hotel has opened its first European hotel at the beginning of this month. And what would be a better location than in the Shoreditch area of London? If you know the concept of Ace, you know that they have created places, particularly in America, where all kinds of creatives like to come. Although they are all Ace Hotels and therefor fall in the same category, but the Ace Hotel in Portland, for example, is very different than the one in New York. What is similar, is that they all love to keep it local. So they didn’t move the whole Portland atmosphere to London, but they searched for vintage furniture in the London area which they could use. And the staff didn’t seem to be American as well. I can hear different accents. Another thing is that Stumptown Coffee isn’t moving to London either. They will get its own London based barista in here.


At the place where the London Ace Hotel now stands, was another hotel operating for a few years. But now they’ve turned the place around into the lovely Ace Style. Without losing the feeling of being at home. There is wifi throughout the hotel (which also works well and fast), the people who work there show that they enjoy it (and give you a compliment on your Nike sneakers, thanks!), and even the smallest room (the Standard Room where I slept during my stay) is quite comfortable. Let alone if you sleep in a larger room. When I stepped into bed at night, I suddenly remembered the bed of Portland again. That mattress is good! So you understand that I slept like a baby.  There is an Ace radio next to the bed where you can listen to various stations and you can connect your iPhone 5 to it. You have a sitting area where you can do some work. And the bathroom is simple but has a beautiful sink.


The lobby of the hotel is also a fine place. There is a long reading table and some comfortable sofas. And ofcourse you can find the photobooth in here (also present in the other Ace Hotels). Behind the check-in desk are several Ace souvenirs. Caps, shirts, notebooks and much more . The hotel is not finished yet. In early October the coffee shop, a florist and the restaurant called Hoi Polloi will open . So you see, I have a good reason to come back soon!


From 213 euro per night, check out:



My trip was sponsored by Visit Britain. Check their site for all the practical information regarding your trip to London. 






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