Hotel Dwars Amsterdam

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Room number 9. A romantic love nest in one of the best areas in Amsterdam. Hotel Dwars is a new addition to the independent hotel scene in Amsterdam. Once Hotel Dwars Amsterdam was a hostel with graffiti on the walls where people were allowed to smoke weed in the rooms, but the new, young owners completely turned that dark place into a small new hotel. It took them 1,5 years to rebuild it all and Things I like, Things I love helped them with the interior. There are 9 rooms. Seven of them are standard rooms which are all different but have a brick wall, plants and very good beds in common and there’s one cozy room on the first floor with a roof made of glass. But then there’s room number 9 (the room I’ve stayed in) and it was love at first sight. This is a room you’ll have to book when you are looking for a romantic hideaway with your lover and it’s also a true Amsterdam experience. Where in the world can you sleep under a typical Amsterdam roof? With a view over lots of typical Amsterdam style houses? The room is divided in two parts so if you want you can bring two extra guests. Breakfast isn’t included but Bar Moustache is open from 9 am and is located almost next to the hotel so you can go there for fried eggs, orange juice and a cup of tea.

From 80 euro per night, check out:

Hotel Dwars Amsterdam

Hotel Dwars Amsterdam





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