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The pots on the ceiling. No less than 4000 (!) of them. You almost get dizzy when you look at it. From the manager of Gazi I learned that the entire installation was made in a large hangar and from there they moved it with a truck to the restaurant where they had to attach it to the ceiling. It has to be made this way because how else would you get the wave motion in the installation? It’s very impressive! But what I also find very impressive is what I found on my evil eye plate. I have been in Greece, but I’ve never had such a good meal as here. Chicken souvlaki, tzatziki and a Greek Salad: huge portions, but so, so delicious! Ofcourse the chef comes from Greece and combine that knowledge with the fresh ingredients they love in Australia and you’ll get the picture. Ofcourse they also serve good wines, Ouzo and cocktails (every zodiac sign has its own cocktail). If you like Greek food, you can’t miss this place!


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Com Line Eng 4C

My trip was sponsored by Cathay Pacific.

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