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The newest Praktik Hotel in Barcelona! Hotel Praktik Bakery opened its doors officially on April 1, but this week the bakery also opened its doors, so the hotel is now complete. You probably know how much I love the Praktik Hotels. All their hotels are unique and you can stay there for a pretty good price (often below 100 euro per night). Earlier I wrote about Praktik Rambla and Praktik Garden in Barcelona and about Praktik Metropol in Madrid. The design is always outstanding and always done by Lazaro Rosa-Violan. He always takes care of the building and the theme of the hotel so not one of the Praktik Hotels look the same. The theme of the new Praktik is ofcourse ‘the bakery’. So if you follow the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries, then you know you’ve find the right place. Forn, or in English Bakery, Baluard is one of the most famous bakeries in Barcelona. They have one outlet in Barceloneta, but with this opening they can also serve the people who work and live in the area around La Pedrera and Diagonal. The bakery isn’t there just for the visitors of the hotel, no, as a local you can try some of those delicious heart-shaped strawberry cakes in their cafe. This hotel, just like the other Praktik Hotels, has a fantastic location: you’re on the Paseo de Gracia in 2 minutes and La Pedrera is in the same street. The rooms are all the same: furnished with a comfortable bed, those lovely lamps and a rain shower. Perfect for a getaway in beautiful Barcelona.


From 90 euro per night, check out:










  • Wilis

    24.04.2014 at 15:31 Reply

    Nice combination of photos and text. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Pauline Egge

      24.04.2014 at 09:58 Reply

      Thanks for the compliment Wilis!

  • Dieter

    24.04.2014 at 01:08 Reply

    Wonderful! I love the work of Lazaro Rosa Violan – we stayed in Praktik Rambla too and loved every inch of it – but my favorite Rosa Violan space is the Boca Chica cocktail bar/lounge!

    • Pauline Egge

      24.04.2014 at 09:55 Reply

      Beautiful right? Yes, Boca Chica is also a great address with a stunning design. And have you been to Chez Coco? Have a good weekend!

  • Laura

    24.04.2014 at 21:11 Reply

    I stayed there 2 nights last week and I had a wonderful time. The place is beautiful, well located, and the rooms are very comfy ! I totally recommend it if you plan to visit Barcelona ! 🙂

    • Pauline Egge

      24.04.2014 at 09:54 Reply

      Good to hear Laura! 🙂

  • Michaela

    24.04.2014 at 20:47 Reply

    Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous. Must definitely try this on my next visit to Barcelona. Thanks for this!!!

    • Pauline Egge

      24.04.2014 at 09:46 Reply

      You’re welcome! You will love it. Have fun next time you’re in Barcelona!

  • Cateleine

    24.04.2014 at 21:34 Reply

    We are going next month. Thank you!!

    • Pauline Egge

      24.04.2014 at 16:32 Reply

      That’s great Cateleine! Have fun! Best wishes, Pauline

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