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It is only open for about twenty days when I visit the new Tramuntana hotel in the beautiful village of Cadaques. It even smells new. The former house of the owner’s father was refurbished completely by Barcelona design company INTSIGHT and now it’s a hotel with eleven rooms which the couple rents to guests who wish to stay for the weekend (or longer). They have three types of rooms, all named after a certain kind of wind. Tramuntana is a special northern wind that occurs in Cadaques, so that’s where the name of the hotel comes from. The rooms are basic and have wifi, a television, rain shower and ofcourse a view of the picturesque village where artists like Dali and Picasso were so crazy about. Downstairs, the lobby and breakfast area look just as picturesque with soft pastel colors (mainly blue) and white. There is a wonderful white couch where you can rest after a long day in the village. And the blue kitchen isn’t only the place to get a drink but I think it will be a dream house inspiration for many people – including myself.


From 75 euro per night, check out:





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