You might not think I can use a holiday, but when I travel I’m constantly walking from one place to another making photos with my phone and camera to come back with the most beautiful Tried & Tested reports to share with you. I feel very blessed that that’s my fulltime job and I really love doing it, but once a year the phone goes off. And the camera. And the laptop. During my holiday I don’t do anything digital, but I charge my batteries by doing yoga, reading books, magazines and enjoy quality time with my boyfriend without saying all the time: ‘Oh, I must share this on Petite Passport’. Ofcourse I will take my Moleskine with me to write down new ideas (that always seems to arise naturally when you pull out the plug) so I come back with new plans, contests, travels and ofcourse the coolest spots on earth!


Back on July 2nd!


Love, Pauline x


  • Ernest Brown

    19.06.2014 at 16:39 Reply

    I just love that featured image “I need 6 month vacation twice a year” its like having a vacation whole year round. It’s funny and it caught my attention.

  • Kim Maes

    19.06.2014 at 22:15 Reply


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