Near the village of Corçà in Bisbal (Spain), you will find Ultima Parada, a beautiful interior store. Once this was a ceramic factory, but since five years photography duo Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda turned it into a design heaven full of industrial furniture and a stunning collection of vintage design. The couple travelled all over the world, for more than twenty years, to shoot fashion campaigns for magazines like Vogue, Glamour and Marie Claire. They still do that on a regular base, but they also have two vintage design shops. One in Barcelona (on Calle Rosselló, close to Hotel Omm) and a more recent one on the beautiful Costa Brava. Salvador Fresneda says he mainly collects stuff which touches his heart. When he buys something it doesn’t necessarily have to be of a world famous designer, he just has to like it. So you will find very exclusive furniture standing next to affordable items such as stools from 60 euro or a beautiful trash bin for 15 euros – and ofcourse the space is filled with their own beautiful photography works. The solid tables are custom made by them in the back of the store where they also refurbish other furniture. You can find the tables throughout the property and in the adjacent café Déjà Vu. In this cafe, which is also beautifully decorated, you eat really good food: a refreshing gazpacho or a chicken curry for a good price (6.05 euros and 9.35 euros respectively). And if you thought that was all, you’re wrong, because there’s also a huge garden around where you can buy plants in their Natural Garden and where they grow strawberries and other fruit and vegetables. Definitely a recommendation if you’re gonna discover the Costa Brava!

Check out: www.ultima-parada.com

















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