The old Prodent factory in Amersfoort is nice. Very nice. You will find small creative companies next to an architecture firm and a place where they refurbish wooden boats. But the reason I’m here is because of new restaurant Hoog Vuur. A restaurant that not only looks great, but where you can also have high-quality food. In the interior we see lots of wood, lots of plants, long communal tables and three eye-catching wood ovens of Weltevree. The design agency we already know of Hotel Droog in Amsterdam and that is also responsible for the complete interior of Hoog Vuur. I fell in love with the leather couch in the living room, but what also caught my eye was the wall made of white boxes and the water machine behind the bar where they filter still and sparkling water from the tap.


Everything looks so good! They’ve chosen for the long communal tables because that brings guests together in a relaxed way: you don’t have to talk to your neighbours if you don’t want to, but it’s a nice extra (which makes Hoog Vuur also the place to meet up with a group of friends). For lunch, they fill two tables with delicious food so the guests can create their lunch by themselves. For dinner, they use a menu that changes very regularly because they work with local producers, and they can only offer what is available at that day. The dishes, like a pizza with mozzarella, anchovies and capers (12 euros) or the lamb in gravy (19 euros), are being prepared in their oven.  Also, they always have vegetarian dishes on the menu. When I was there the sun was shining, and I could drink a freshly squeezed orange juice on their terrace. With a view over the factory, but also on the city gardens. Residents of Amersfoort can rent wooden boxes so they can grow their vegetables or plants. How nice!

Check out: www.hoogvuur.nl

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