What a success! After the opening of The Student Hotel in Rotterdam at the beginning of 2013, they opened one in Amsterdam in September last year and now The Student Hotel in Den Haag is also open. The concept is simple and therefor a huge success. Students (both national as international) can rent a room (just like people who wish to stay here for a few nights or even a few weeks). Like in a hotel, but you share the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom with other students, just like in a dorm so you quickly meet your fellow-students. Also they have a few suites with their own kitchen and bathroom. Everything is decorated in hotel-style, so it all looks neat and clean without being boring. The best part of the hotel, in my opinion, is the lobby. Designed by …,staat who was also responsible for the interior of the other Student Hotels. Of course, we see the familiar yellow mail boxes, the cool writings on the walls and the bold color patterns which all look insanely good. But the most important thing is that it’s workable for students. There are long communal tables with many sockets so they can study here longer than their batteries last, there are ping pong tables and even washing machines. Outside there’s a basketball court and a rack full of bikes because every student get a bike for free during their stay. The Student Hotels are always located close to public transport and the universities/colleges. The one in Den Haag is close to the Holland Spoor train station and in a short calorie-burning bike ride you’re in the center of the city. The Kitchen, the restaurant of the Student Hotel, is about to open in a couple of weeks.

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