When I was in Comporta last year to make a report of the stunning holiday home called Casas na Areia, the owner told me he was working on a new project called Cabanas no Rio. Together with architect Manuel Aires Mateus they turned two old fisherman huts into two luxurious cabanas. Last weekend me and my boyfriend flew to Comporta for a long weekend at Cabanas no Rio and I like to tell you about my experience because I’m sure you will love it too!


Let’s start with our arrival. The cabanas are surrounded by nothing less than the stunning nature of Comporta, so to reach them you have to drive via small sandy roads and vegetation fields. They are made entirely out of wood, just like the old fisherman’s huts. In one cabana there’s the living room and kitchen, in the other the bedroom and shower. There’s a pontoon in front of the cabanas with two lazy chairs on it where you can watch the water level change with the tide, hear the birds and stare out over the nature. How’s that for a moment of mindfulness?


The design of the cabanas is stunning! You can close them entirely with the big wooden doors but can also choose to open them so you can shower out in the open with a view over the nature. Underneath the wooden tabletop in the living room you will find a kitchen where you can cook, have a fridge and all the other things you need to make yourself feel at home (like a Nespresso machine and a water cooker). The Ghost Sofa by Paola Navone is a perfect couch to read magazines or books and there’s a radio present too. Perfect to combine reading with your iPhone playlists.


In the bedroom there’s a bed with a mosquito net where you will sleep as a baby. Dolores, the woman who comes to bring you breakfast in the morning on a time you’ve arranged together, told us that it happens quite often that she’s there but the guests are still sleeping because of the good sleeping circumstances. Talking about breakfast: Dolores sets up a table for you on the pontoon complete with cheese, ham, fresh boiled eggs, bread, freshly squeezed orange juice and tea. A good way to start your day!


I can totally understand that this is a honeymoon location because you’re all alone on this beautiful piece of nature. You don’t have to be at the breakfast in your hotel during this or that hours, you can watch a beautiful sunset and when it’s getting dark the lights above the water make it even more romantic. But I can also imagine that it’s a place full of inspiration: if you need to be somewhere with no distractions to write a book for example, you can also go here. It’s also a place where you charge your batteries in no time. Because there aren’t any distractions you have the chance to fully live in the moment and enjoy every single minute of it. We were so touched by the nature, the design of the cabanas and the atmosphere that we will definitely be back!


The price is € 200 per night, check out:















  • Rondreis Sicilië

    07.10.2014 at 11:17 Reply

    love it! i find peace when i look at the pictures. This is going on the top of my travel list!

    • Pauline Egge

      07.10.2014 at 11:22 Reply

      How cool! And thank you! The place is indeed very peaceful.

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