Last year I went to Comporta for a day and I was hooked. I went to Pego Beach for a lunch at Sal and after that I got a tour of Casas na Areia, a beautiful holiday home. This weekend I took the boyfriend and went back to discover this stunning piece of paradise, just one hour from Lisbon. We stayed in the new Cabanas no Rio where we were surrounded by nothing less than nature and the sounds of the birds.


Let’s start with making one thing clear: Comporta is not a second Ibiza. It’s even disrespectful to compare the two. Comporta is unspoiled, quiet and has a long stretch of white sandy beach. It doesn’t have distractions like nightclubs, big advertisement signs on the way to the beach or even a Zara. There are a few restaurants (where you can eat incredible good sea food dishes) in the village of Comporta and a few beach restaurants. You’re not going there to discover something new everyday, but to let the calmness come to you and let all the stress fade away in an instant.


Tomorrow I will tell you more about my experience at Cabanas no Rio, but for now I’ve made you a slide show so you can experience the atmosphere in Comporta here too!


Love, Pauline


  • Diah Koesoebjono

    06.10.2014 at 11:40 Reply

    Very pretty pics and seems like the most relaxing place. You made me very curious about the rest. As a fervent surfgirl I was wondering whether you could find any good waves out there (am always looking for some new secret and not too crowdy spots ;).

    Keep up the good work,


    • Pauline Egge

      06.10.2014 at 11:24 Reply

      Hi Diah,

      Thanks for your comment! Comporta is a great place – also for surfers. I saw them surfing on the beach of Carvalhal, but more to the South you’ll also have great surf beaches. On Carvalhal they also have a surf school, see:

      Have fun! Best wishes, Pauline

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