Last year before the Summer started I went to Portugal (travelled from Porto to Lisbon to Villa Extramuros in Arraiolos and Casas na Areia in Comporta) and I loved it. But my visit to Comporta was too short last time, so I thought: I really had to come back one day. And then Joao Rodrigues, the owner of Casas na Areia, opened those two beautiful Cabanas no Rio together with architect Manuel Aires Mateus so that one day came back sooner than I expected. Because I’m gonna stay there for two nights this weekend! Can you imagine the atmosphere over there? Being in a dream cabana while looking out onto nothing more than the beautiful nature of Comporta? The best thing is that I can take you with me in my virtual suitcase: first on social media like Instagram and Facebook and next week I will show you all about it (and tell you about my experience) here on Petite Passport. Have a great weekend!

x Pauline

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