It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait to celebrate it with my friends and family. And you, my dear reader, feels like a really good friend too! If I had to research, travel and write about all those great spots for only a few IP-addresses I wouldn’t like it as much as I do now. Because I always think of you and how happy I can make you with a recommendation of a hotel, restaurant or shop! And you can’t make me happier with telling me you had a great time there!


And a good friend deserves a present right? That’s why the next 12 days I’m gonna spoil you with 12 fantastic, exciting, superbe Christmas presents. Usually I only write about cool spots, but this time I’ve made a list of my favorite products there AND I’M GIVING THEM AWAY TO YOU! I’m not gonna tell you what it is exactly (hey, we need a little bit of excitement just like when you’re opening the gifts underneath your own Christmas tree) but I can give you a few hints. Ace & Tate, Playtype and Droog Design are all giving something away… Keep an eye on my site for the next 12 days when Petite Passport turns into your daily Christmas Tree.


Okay, one extra hint: tomorrow we’re starting the countdown to Christmas with a give-away from Studio Mae Engelgeer. Whoop, whoop: I see you’ve already start to make a little ‘can’t wait to tomorrow’ dance in your living room. I can’t either! See you tomorrow.


x Pauline


(Picture via de site of Lotta Agaton)

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