Oh yes, I have found my new favorite restaurant in Madrid and it’s called Celso y Manolo. It’s from the same owners of La Carmencita on the other side of the street. The restaurant is named after the former owners, Celso y Manolo, who successfully run restaurant Arguelles for years. See it as a tribute to them, but then with a modern touch. They’ve kept the beautiful authentic bar from the 50’s and the tiles on the floor, but completely changed the rest of the interior. When we had dinner here on a Friday night the restaurant is fully booked and we ask them to surprise us with their authentic Spanish cuisine with a modern twist. And oh boy, did I ate the best tomato (in the dish called Chuleton de Tomate de Huesca con 6 Cosas Ricas) of my life here! It was a huge one (also displayed on the bar because this apparently is one of their signature dishes) and the flavor was extremely good. If we didn’t order any other dishes I probably would ask for one more. Furthermore the croquetas de bacalao and the taquitos de chuleton were also very good. Definitely a recommendation when you’re in Madrid, but be sure to make a reservation!


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